Stage 4: Gaupne – Vik

27.07.2010, Gaupne-Vik (80.0 Km – 520 m)

[Pictures] Easy stage today, only 70 almost flat kilometer between Gaupne and Hella following the Sognefjord, then ferry tranfer to Vangsnes and final 10 Km ride to Vik. A welcome rest day for legs, knee and of course… ass!  For the first time the wheather was not only cycling-friendly but also picture-friendly, which resulted in some better photos compared to the previous days. Today more than ever I enjoyed the spirit of comeradery characterizing the touring class: someone had a flat and the whole group stopped to help and wait. Similarly, yesterday after the tunnels most of the riders  wanted to have their windbreakers off, but nobody dared to stop fearing to lose the group, until someone simply proposed a one-minute break that made everybody happy. The ride along the fjord and the ferry ride were extraordinary, with landscapes reminiscent of our Insubrian lakes (which by the way reveals their glacial origin). There were however some important differences, such as the paucity of man-made artifacts, the leveled mountain-tops and of course the sea. Lot of time to spare in Vik, with the oppurtunity to visit the 12th century wooden church and to relax before the double stage of tomorrow. Only one sad note for the day: I forgot my bath towel in Gaupne, dried myself with paper towels after the shower in the hope to recover it at the lost & found session later in the evening… but it wasn’t there. I will have to buy a new one in Ulvik tomorrow (if I manage to get there).


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